The Monk (Matthew Lewis)

 “’Either your hand guides me to Paradise, or my own dooms me to perdition! Speak to me, Ambrosio! Tell me tthe-monk-at-prayer-1865hat you will conceal my story, that I shall remain your Friend and your Companion, or this poignard drinks my blood!’

As She uttered these last words, She lifted her arm, and made a motion as if to stab herself. The Friar’s eyes followed with dread the course of the dagger. She had torn open her habit, and her bosom was half exposed. The weapon’s point rested upon her left breast: And Oh! That was such a breast! The Moon-beams darting full upon it, enabled the Monk to observe its dazzling whiteness. His eye dwelt with insatiable avidity upon the beauteous Orb. A sensation till then unknown filled his heart with a mixture of anxiety and delight: A raging fire shot through every limb; The blood boiled in his veins, and a thousand wild wishes bewildered his imagination.

‘Hold!’ He cried in a hurried faultering voice; ‘I can resist no longer! Stay, then, Enchantress; Stay for my destruction!’”

Leia aqui o romance completo, em inglês


Sobre William Wilson

"Eu descendo de uma raça que se distinguiu, em todos os tempos, por um temperamento criativo e facilmente irritável; e que, desde a minha infância, provou que eu herdara por completo o caráter de minha família." Ver todos os artigos de William Wilson

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