The Tutu, Morals of the Fin de Siècle (Léon Genonceaux)

“For a month he (Mauri) was in the grip of a passion for a monstrosity being exhibited at the Hippodrome: it was a woman with two heads, four legs and four arms; she had a single pelvis and just one stomach; they called her Mani-Mina […] one evening, after a very successful performance, he […] invited her to supper […] The prospect of a night of love unique of its kind tickled Mauri’s fancy deliciously; he made improper suggestions; one said yes, the other said no […] When this freak of nature was undressed, Mauri had a moment of hesitation. Should he bed it? This strange body, joined below the waist, had only one spinal column: naked it resemble two flayed calves, back to back on a butcher’s slab. The skin was pale – apart from Mina’s, which was mottled with red blotches. Two very distinct odours issued from the body, an odour of decay, and one of fresh meat, an odour of life and one of death. The mixture was nauseating. To possess such a being bordered on desencration, but the unexpected attraction overcame Noirof’s scruples; however, he had an atrocious night.”

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Sobre William Wilson

"Eu descendo de uma raça que se distinguiu, em todos os tempos, por um temperamento criativo e facilmente irritável; e que, desde a minha infância, provou que eu herdara por completo o caráter de minha família." Ver todos os artigos de William Wilson

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